Continuing Education

Alabama State University's Division of Continuing Education provides public support by offering workshops, mini-courses, professional training sessions and youth programs to meet special community and organizational needs.

In addition, Continuing Education collaborates with professional groups and community organizations by sponsoring seminars and conferences. Non-credit courses are made available on a demand basis to individuals, regardless of age, desiring professional development or personal enrichment.

The Division of Continuing Education does not have specific admission requirements; however, there are minimal fees related to each course or program. Although, college credits are not earned, participants can receive certificates of completion or continuing education units (CEUs).

Who we serve

Who We Serve

  • Undergraduates/Graduates
  • Professionals
  • Corporations
  • K-12 Students
  • Seniors 
  • Government Organizations 


  • Summer Youth/Kids College Adventure Program (SKYCAP)
  • National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI)
  • Enrichment Courses
  • ACT Preparation Program (APP)
  • Professional Development Program
  • Career Development 
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Customized Training

We offer customized training programs that address your business needs and learning objectives to help your organization reach its full potential, by gaining knowledge and skills that can be readily applied.

We understand that you have a unique business and need training that focuses on improving sales, increasing performance and productivity, organizational communication and developing leaders. We invite you to experience our:

  • State of the Art Facility 
  • Dedicated Training Developer
  • Curriculum and Content Development

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